Can You Exercise After Lasik?

Treatment of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism through surgery. Lasik stands for LASER-ASSISTED in SITU KERATOMILEUSIS. It’s a procedure for reshaping the cornea to enable light entry to focus without the help of glasses or contact lenses on the retina. It’s pain-free zone surgery within 15 minutes for treating both eyes. Improvement of vision is immediate with stabilizing within 24 hours.


Steps that are considered necessary in the LASIK Procedure

  1. A microkeratome or a femtosecond laser is a mechanical surgical tool that creates a thin, circular form or flap inside the cornea after the surgeon folds back to the hinged flap for accessing the underlying stroma.
  2. And for reshaping the stroma of the corneal, an excimer laser is used. The excimer (highly specialized laser) uses a cool ultraviolet beam to remove microscopic tissues from the cornea to reshape it to access the focus light on the retina for an improved version of the vision.
  3. The flap is brought back to its place, where it clings to the stroma without any stitches.


Expectations in the version of BEFORE, DURING, AFTER LASIK.

BEFORE version: The process starts with examining the eye, which says whether you are fit for the Lasik procedure. In checking the eye, the doctor makes sure that your eyes won’t have an unusual risk of dryness after surgery.

And the detailed view of your eye would be done by an automated instrument called a corneal topographer. It tells about each point of view and would do the best outcome wavefront analysis.

For the interval of time, you need to stop wearing contact lenses as it could disturb the shape of the cornea, which would affect the procedure of Lasik.

DURING version: Numbing eye drops are used for preventing the discomfort which may occur during the procedure. Also, your doctor helps you to be relaxed by giving proper medication.

Your eye would be positioned under the laser to keep your eyes open with the help of a lid speculum.

And for preventing eye movements, a suction ring is used. It helps prevent loss of contact, which could affect the quality of the flap. 

After creating a flap, the surgeon uses an excimer for the prescription. While the laser sends pulses of light, your doctor would ask you to focus on the morning for a moment or a short moment when they see your eyes through a microscope. 

With painless, it reshapes the cornea. But it creates pressure on your eye, which you may feel. Thus laser treatment is about only a minute click.

Immediately and AFTER version: After laser surgery, you would be given rest for a bit. There would be temporary burning or itching after the following surgery. There would be a small post-operative exam for confirming the correct vision of your eyes. Then you can drive home.

With the interval of days, you would come for a checkup like a regular checkup for your eyes; you need to meet the doctor to examine your eyes for following General rules after surgery. 

Thus in the long term, the surgery increases the quality of vision. People achieve their best sight in life, but it still varies from person to person. 

Many people are eager to lead their regular lives after the respective procedure is over. They want to do and take with a better vision with all regular schedules and typical workloads.

If the question comes about exercising after Lasik? The answer is yes but with a slow interval of time. Thus it’s a quiet game. “Slow and Steady Wins the race” fits in this case of Lasik for regular work. 

Just follow the best rules of your tiny finger size for your best recovery.  

Waiting for a few days 

You need to wait for three to four days after the surgery, upholding the regular work for a few days. Start the workout with easy and gentle moves so that it won’t hurt your eyes. It can create or bring obstacles in the recovery process. Just save yourself for future pain.


Begin with gentle workouts 

Start your workouts with a brief move after the procedure. From walks to low-intensity activities. As it won’t stress your eyes. Otherwise, heavy exercise can bring sweat which may hurt your eyes. Thus, lead with gentle and easy activity.


Avoid swimming 

It will help if you avoid swimming for a week. Because swimming pool water is a mixture of contaminants and chlorine, it irritates the eyes and disturbs the recovery process. For your own eyes’ safety, avoid swimming for a week.

Move ahead with regular workouts or work after a week.  


Move ahead with regular workouts or work after a week.  

Prevention is always better than cure. For more protection, wear protective eyewear for a month. After a week of surgery, you may contact your doctor and move towards your work.

With the decision to invest in Lasik surgery, you may seek any specialist. Everywhere you would get your best treatment. Our capital city DELHI has initiated more improvements to the Lasik procedure, which would soon be followed by other states’ cities for the best medicine. Delhi has brought customized advanced technology specially designed for Lasik treatment. So, we use CustomVue with the new laser technology, where the surgical process uses a wave scan to represent every viewpoint in a 3-dimensional map of an eye, which gives a clear and sharp vision. It measures unique imperfections in the eye for better treatment.

Lasik provides the best comfort and care at the same time. Also, it is the best latest technology in treatment and invention in medical science. It is a unique and flexible method with exact data collection for surgeons for leading their surgery.


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