Can You Drink Alcohol After LASIK?

What you may and can not do before and after your procedure. Suppose you have been given social events coming up. In that case, one thing you are probably questioning approximately is whether you may drink alcohol after laser eye surgery. So we have prepared this guide to help you get to grips with everything you want to know.

Drinking Earlier Than Laser Eye Surgery

Although there are no official guidelines on how much you may drink the day or night earlier than laser eye surgery. You may advise refraining from any alcohol or holding it to a minimum. Alcohol can dehydrate your eyes. This means you will be more uncomfortable at some stage in the initial recovery period. Alcohol may additionally interfere with any eye drops or medicinal drugs we provide during the procedure. If you experience nausea, are overly worn-out, or are off-balance due to drinking alcohol from the night earlier. That is also not best because it will make the experience more uncomfortable than it wishes to be.

If you have a social event the night earlier than your laser eye surgery, there is no reason why you should not attend. However, ensure you refrain from consuming alcohol or keep the consumption to a minimum. If you are nervous approximately your surgery, try taking a natural supplement for tension relief instead of the usage of alcohol to quiet your nerves. You need to attempt to get a terrific night’s sleep additionally. So you may refresh and prepare for your appointment, which alcohol can save you from doing.


Drinking After Laser Eye Surgery

Once you have had your laser eye surgery, you may need nothing more than loosening up with a glass of wine at home. However, optometrists suggest that you keep away from alcohol for one week after your laser surgery if viable. This is to ensure that your body’s healing process can take complete impact and keep away from dehydrating your eyes. Alcohol can also interfere with any drops or medicines you are given to apply for the primary week after surgery. On the day of the surgery, it may recommend relaxing simply as you will after another procedure. However, drink lots of (non-alcoholic) fluids and get as much sleep as viable. This will help ensure your recovery is going as quickly as possible.

Of course, the above tips imply that waiting for social engagements immediately after your surgery is not a brilliant concept. But what if something comes up that you actually can’t miss? In this case, it is best to stick to soft drinks and avoid tiring yourself out by staying late. It’s vital not to forget that you have had surgery and that your body desires to relax and recover. Try to prioritize your recovery over social occasions the week after your surgery. It helps ensure you get the best possible results out of your treatment.


What Else to Avoid?

We are regularly asked questions on what to keep away from doing after laser eye surgery. A selection of factors ought to be postponed for as long as numerous weeks afterward, and patients must be aware of this to plan around it.

Here are a number of the matters which you should keep away from after laser eye surgery:

Showering – you should avoid showering or bathing right now after your surgery. However, you can resume the day after. However, it would help if you were careful not to get water to your eyes for two weeks afterward. Consequently, you may advise showering with your head backward or with a pair of swimming goggles.

Driving – you ought not to drive until a professional has given you the pass. This is a protection precaution, as a few humans experience blurred vision for a brief time after laser eye surgery. You can have a check-up the following day, wherein you may advise on your modern-day image stage.

Makeup – you should avoid carrying eye makeup for two weeks after your surgery to avoid getting chemicals to your eyes. You can put on makeup for the rest of your face if you’d like to, which you are cautious about around the eye area.

Swimming – you should not participate in water-primarily based total activities, swimming, sailing, or even going to a sauna, for at least a month after your surgery.


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