Does New India Assurance Cover Lasik Surgery?

For those exploring vision correction options, LASIK surgery has emerged as a popular procedure, offering the promise of improved eyesight without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. If you’re an Indian insurance holder or a potential LASIK candidate, an important question often arises: Does your health insurance cover the costs of LASIK surgery?

Today, we take a close look at New India Assurance — one of the prominent insurance players in the country, and their stance on LASIK surgery coverage.


Understanding LASIK Coverage with New India Assurance

The Coverage Scope

The good news is that New India Assurance health insurance plans do cover the cost of LASIK surgery. The coverage is provided under the umbrella of day-care procedures, fixing an age-long concern regarding insurance policies usually only covering procedures that require a minimum of 24 hours of hospitalization.


The Options for Treatment

With New India Assurance, if you opt for LASIK surgery at one of their network hospitals, you are entitled to cashless treatment. This facility allows for a smooth and hassle-free process, reducing the stress of immediate payments. 

On the flip side, if the policyholder chooses a non-network hospital, they can still claim reimbursement for the incurred expenses.


The Eligibility Criteria

However, there is a crucial criterion that dictates eligibility. New India Assurance covers only LASIK surgeries required to correct a refractive error of 7.5 dioptres or higher under their plans. This clause implies that if the error is of a lesser degree, and you still choose to get LASIK done, you will likely need to self-finance your procedure as it would not be covered.


Scenario Involving Accidental Injuries

However, if the refractive error is a result of an accidental injury or after-effect of another surgery, you can breathe easy knowing that your policy has got you covered, regardless of the magnitude of your refractive error.


What’s Included in The Coverage?

The coverage scope under New India Assurance is well-rounded, encompassing various expenses associated with LASIK surgery:

  • Doctor’s fees
  • Surgery charges
  • Nursing and operation theatre expenditures
  • Diagnostic test costs
  • Medication and medical equipment

Moreover, the costs associated with pre-surgery consultations, diagnostics, and post-surgery follow-ups are also covered.

Still, note that the extent of coverage might vary between different plans. It’s crucial for prospective policy buyers to thoroughly review the policy details before finalizing their purchase.


Exploring Coverage Exclusions 

While New India Assurance includes LASIK coverage in various plans, there are important exclusions to bear in mind: 

  • Pre-Existing Conditions: If you have a pre-existing eye condition, your LASIK benefit may not cover it. Be sure to carefully review the policy language on exclusions for pre-existing conditions. 
  • Specific Procedures: Coverage may be restricted to certain LASIK techniques or exclude particular additions such as wavefront technology.


Waiting Period – A Key Consideration

It’s paramount to understand that your coverage for LASIK won’t kick in immediately post-purchase of the policy. New India Assurance mandates an initial waiting period of 30 days as standard. Additionally, specific plans might necessitate a waiting period of 1 or 2 years before LASIK surgery costs can be claimed.

Checking your individual policy documents will provide clarity on the waiting period that applies to your situation.


Maximizing Coverage: Recommendations for Policyholders

Discover effective strategies to optimize your LASIK coverage with New India Assurance:

  • Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider: Start by contacting your New India Assurance representative directly or utilize the online customer portal to clarify LASIK coverage tailored to your plan.
  • Understand Pre-Authorization Requirements: Be aware that certain plans may necessitate pre-authorization from New India Assurance before proceeding with LASIK surgery. Familiarize yourself with the pre-authorization process and any documentation prerequisites.
  • Leverage Network Hospital Advantages: Choosing a network hospital affiliated with New India Assurance for your LASIK procedure could provide benefits such as cashless treatment and simplified claim processing.
  • Facilitate Transparent Communication: Maintain an open dialogue with your ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) and New India Assurance regarding pre-operative clearances and the procedures for filing claims.


Moving Beyond Coverage

While the coverage provided by New India Assurance is crucial, there are additional factors to consider for a successful LASIK journey:

  • Financial Preparedness: Despite insurance coverage, be prepared for potential out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays, deductibles, or any services not covered by LASIK insurance.
  • Consultation Importance: Prioritize a thorough consultation with your ophthalmologist to assess candidacy, understand risks and benefits, and determine the most suitable LASIK technique. This session offers insights into costs, insurance coverage, and personalized recommendations.
  • Setting Realistic Expectations: While LASIK offers significant vision enhancement, it’s essential to acknowledge that perfect vision under all circumstances is not guaranteed. Engage in discussions with your ophthalmologist about achievable outcomes and potential side effects.


Exploring Alternatives to New India Assurance Coverage

For individuals without LASIK coverage under New India Assurance or facing exclusions, alternative solutions exist:

  • Research Other Insurance Plans: Explore health insurance options that explicitly cover LASIK procedures.
  • Leverage Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): If available, utilize FSAs through your employer to contribute pre-tax funds towards LASIK expenses.
  • Consider Financing Programs: Some LASIK providers offer financing opportunities to help spread and manage the cost-effectively.


The Final Word: Your Vision, Your Choice

Does New India Assurance cover LASIK surgery? Yes, with specific stipulations in place. To all aspiring individuals looking to correct their vision, it is vital to understand these prerequisites and stipulations of your health insurance plan. This ensures that when making an important decision like a LASIK surgery, you are well-informed and prepared financially.

Please remember, stay proactive by scrutinizing the terms of your policy, especially the coverage specifics related to LASIK surgery, and continue your health journeys equipped with clear sight and clear insight. 

Aim high for a life less dependent on corrective eyewear, assured that you are backed by New India Assurance, provided your circumstances align with their outlined coverage criteria.


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