Can You Play Holi After LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is an eye surgery that is attempted to correct a person’s vision and reduce their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. LASIK stands for ‘Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis’. This surgery modifies the shape of the cornea, which is the clear covering over the front of the eye. Topical eye drops are used before the surgery, which may numb the eyes and dim the vision for a while, but they are harmless. The patient feels no pain when sedatives are injected right before the surgery. After the surgery, shields are placed over the eyes to prevent them from getting rubbed or stressed. So, activities that may involve putting pressure on the eyes should be avoided, such as watching television, splashing water on the eyes, or applying synthetic products around them.


Post-LASIK Surgery:

The surgery results will last a lifetime and have permanent effects, but the benefits can decrease over a certain period. Though the surgery is not painful, a small amount of pressure may be felt during the procedure. It’s important to avoid rubbing the eyes for a few days after the surgery; it could be very dangerous. One should avoid activities that may cause sweat or dirt to get into their eyes. The general aftercare includes:

Use the eye drops the doctor prescribes to prevent eye irritation and infection.

Wear protective eyewear and avoid playing sports for a while.

Avoid rubbing or touching the eyes for the first few weeks, which may cause redness, inflammation, or itchiness.

Avoid wearing eye makeup or applying cream near the eyes; this could be harmful because of the chemicals contained.

Avoid reading the newspaper, watching television, or cooking, this will reduce the stress on the eyes, and they will get the proper rest required.


Holi and its effects on the eyes:

Holi is a beautiful festival; celebrating it with your loved ones brings you enormous joy. Still, people often go crazy while playing Holi which may tremendously impact human health and the environment. The synthetic colours we use to play Holi contain certain chemicals that may harm us; these chemicals are very toxic to the human eyes. When exposed to these harmful chemicals, the eyes may burn, deal with temporary blurred vision or have permanent vision damage. The powdered colours can enter the eyes, irritating them, and rubbing or splashing water on them can cause damage to the eyes. When rubbed, any particles remaining in the eye can cause a corneal abrasion or a cut on the cornea, leading to an eye infection. Water balloons are also used while playing Holi which can be risky and cause eye bleeding, resulting in vision loss.

The impacts that synthetic colours may have on the eyes include:

  • Certain people may get allergic to the chemicals present in the colours.
  • The chemicals in the colours can cause eye irritation and, when rubbed, cause eye redness or inflammation.
  • The colours can cause serious eye infections too.
  • If the colours get into the eyes, it can affect the cornea, which can be very dangerous.
  • The colours can cause skin rashes near the eyes.
  • It can cause blurred vision.
  • The eyes may burn when they come in contact with the chemicals.


Consequences of playing Holi after Lasik Surgery:

After the LASIK surgery, the eyes may itch, be watery or burn for a while, resulting in blurred vision, which is temporary and won’t last long. It takes two to three months for the eyes to heal and have clear vision. Some people can see right after the surgery, but it may take a few weeks for some. Touching the eyes should be refrained for about a few weeks. The eyes get affected by solid, liquid, or powdered chemicals easily, so one should avoid any activity involving chemicals. 

For example, putting makeup on the eyelids or under the eye after surgery can cause damage to the eyes, and just like that, the synthetic colours used in Holi can cause intense damage to the eyes. The eyes should be under intense care and medication after the surgery for a few weeks, so during this time, one should strictly avoid playing Holi for at least two weeks after the surgery and make sure that the eyes get enough time to heal. Even if someone must play Holi after the surgery, they should be extremely concerned with protecting their eyes from harmful chemicals. The colours should be frequently washed off their face with clean drinking water to avoid them entering their eyes. The area near the eyes can be properly cleaned with cotton with oil or cream. A protective eye should prevent colours and water from getting into the eyes. Avoid playing with harmful colours for too long; the more the eyes are exposed to synthetic colours, the riskier it will be. Even if played for a short period, the colours may cause discomfort to the eyes and cause redness, even infection, because water carries bacteria that can cause bacterial infection upon washing the face frequently. It will be wise to consult their doctor beforehand and ask if it’s okay.



To conclude, avoiding playing Holi after LASIK surgery would be smart because the eyes are the most sensitive and delicate part of the human body, and chemicals react rapidly. Taking care of the eyes after surgery should be the biggest concern, which can be easily done by staying inside the house and not exposing them to harmful substances.


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