Can We Apply Kajal After Lasik Surgery?

To lessen the danger of problems, keeping the eye clean during these incisions’ healing and recovery phases is crucial. Depending on the process, it can take a week to two. One week is sufficient after Smile Lasik, but it can take up to two weeks for Lasik and Femto Lasik.

After Lasik surgery, a person must be extremely cautious when removing their eye makeup. It must be removed carefully. There should be no rubbing or undue pressure used. You can use any gentle eye makeup removers, homemade olive oil or other products. When removing eye makeup, it’s important to avoid dislocating any flaps, which can happen if too much force is used.


Is it okay to apply for kajal post-Lasik surgery?

Before using eye cosmetics such as Kajal, eyeliner, mascara, etc., after Lasik surgery, it is vital to consider the state of recovery. 

  • The eyes must be shielded from irritants since they become extremely sensitive throughout the healing process, which could hamper recovery. 
  • Kajal, in particular, comes into direct contact with the eyes when wearing eye makeup, so it’s crucial to avoid it for a few days before and after having Lasik eye surgery. 
  • Anything irritating the skin around and in front of the eyes may cause infection. Therefore, the face must be carefully washed the night before surgery after removing the kajal, eyeliner, etc.
  • The eye surface is smoothed over after Lasik surgery for at least six hours, to the point where there is virtually any feeling of any foreign body. 

Due to the eye’s extreme sensitivity, even the smallest foreign body abrasion causes the eye to feel pain and awakens you. The eye’s natural system produces tears to wash the foreign object away. Therefore, if any minute foreign particles from eye makeup are left on or close to the scratch’s surface, the bacteria always attached to those tiny particles can also increase, leading to an infection.

Applying and removing eye makeup puts additional pressure on the eye, which causes an unneeded poke to be made into the eyes, which could cause the Lasik flap to become dislodged. This condition may develop immediately following surgery, not later.

Although most eye makeup is advertised as safe and hypoallergenic, there is still a chance that these cosmetics will irritate the eyes or infect them after surgery. For instance, inflammation and pain are caused when tiny and minute particles become stuck near or in the surgical site. So, in this case, it is wise to avoid applying eye makeup because doing so could lead to further issues.



Putting on eye makeup can occasionally be damaging and irritate the eyes. For instance, applying pressure to the eyelid that is too great may prevent the underlying corneal flap from healing. Because it hurts, it negatively affects how eyesight turns out.

Medical experts advise against wearing eye makeup for at least four weeks, including mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, and kajal. And if you have any pain in your eyes, you must stop applying for a while. Doctors advise purchasing new eye makeup and using it after the Lasik surgery to avoid any potential irritation. As a general rule, abide by it to prevent potential infections and consequences.

You can continue wearing kajal and other eye makeup after a week, but remember to do it softly. And always follow the instructions and precautions your doctor states to ensure faster and better Lasik recovery.


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