Can Lasik Surgery Fix Macular Degeneration?

If one is diagnosed with age-related macular Degeneration, one must wonder whether one should undergo lasik surgery. It is just a vision condition that affects millions of people out there all over the world. The question arises as to whether this lasik surgery will go to fix the macular degeneration issue. Many questions arise when it’s related to the eye. 

Macular Degeneration causes deterioration in the macula, the centre of your retina. Because the macula is in charge of central vision, it allows you to read, recognise faces, and see fine details in objects.

Firstly, AMD mainly occurs when the main central part of the retina, which we call the ‘macula,’ gets damaged; in that case, one person may experience a blind spot. It is a normal generic eye vision condition that affects half of the population at a particular age. There are usually two types of AMD through which people may suffer from:

  1. Dry AMD.
  2. Wet AMD.

Millions of cases in the world get lasik surgery if the person is dealing with dry AMD. According to the survey, it has been found that Lasik eye surgery is the best surgery if one is experiencing dry AMD. 


Symptoms of macular degeneration that one experiences

  1. The first important sign of Macular Degeneration may be experienced in the eye vision of a person.
  2. One may notice a distortion or a difference in the colour appearance from one eye compared to the other. 

If one experiences any eye vision issue, one should consult the doctor to avoid full eye vision loss. 

However, it is also noted that only this laser eye surgery is not the treatment that perfectly restores the eye vision that a person has already lost. It is for just slowing down the damage which has been caused to the person eye vision. There are many other treatments for this AMD, which may include drugs for decreasing the eye’s abnormal blood growth. 

So, one is opting for laser eye surgery. In that case, one should be completely aware of the damage already caused to the person’s eye through this laser eye surgery while just going to stop the damage caused by the abnormal blood vessel, as already said. Well, the whole laser eye surgery procedure reduces the symptoms and is lengthy. 


What can you do right now to lower your chances of macular degeneration?

The best way to avoid macular Degeneration is to reduce the risk factors you can influence. Of course, you have no control over the most important risk factor: age.

  1. Quit smoking- If you smoke, the most crucial thing you can do to avoid macular Degeneration is to quit. Your overall risk of macular Degeneration is determined by factors such as how long you have been a smoker, whether you are a current smoker, and the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. 
  2. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level – Macular Degeneration is closely linked to high hypertension. Even if you do not develop macular Degeneration, high blood pressure can damage your retina’s nerves and blood vessels, resulting in retinopathy or other eye problems.
  3. Maintaining normal blood pressure – Macular Degeneration is closely linked to hypertension or high blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage your retina’s nerves and blood vessels, resulting in retinopathy or other eye problems even if you do not develop macular Degeneration.
  4. Put on your sunglasses – According to experts, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light may increase your risk of macular Degeneration. Sunlight, at the very least, increases your chances of developing cataracts. Wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect your vision.


What is the major risk of laser surgery for macular degeneration?

During this whole laser eye surgery, the macula is majorly burned away. There might be a risk of additional eye-vision loss as well. Well, the whole laser surgery procedure has some additional risks as well, such as any accidental treatment of the main central macula from which a person may experience the worst blind spot, Bleeding from the damaged eye, damage caused to the retina after the laser eye surgery either the person may experience immediately or after the month. 


At what age may people experience macular degeneration? 

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of severe vision loss in people over 60. 


Is this laser eye surgery effective in the long run? 

This whole surgery for AMD may reduce the eye vision, which is lost and also help the whole symptom of wet AMD. However, keep in mind that it can not be cured completely. 

The blood vessel leak might occur again; further treatment may be needed. The damage will likely be slower than before treatment but will not stop completely.


Final Conclusion:

It means that laser eye surgery is only for wet eye AMD, but the whole laser eye procedure slows down the vision the person has already lost. The whole laser eye treatment may destroy some healthy eye tissues and the person’s eye. 


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