Can Lasik Change The Eye Color?

Many eye hues include hazel, green, blue, brown, and black. Every individual is beautifully distinct due to the colour of their eyes. Many have questioned whether the LASIK treatment might permanently alter one’s eye colour. Well, this surgery does not alter a person’s eye colour. Studies show that an individual’s eye colour becomes permanent three years after birth. LASIK is not a component of the operation, and only a small number of events have the potential to alter someone’s eye colour.


  • Cure or Illness

The component of the eye responsible for determining eye colour is the iris. The cornea, the clearest part of the eye’s outermost layer, is where you’ll find it. The pigment cells in the iris determine a person’s visible eye colour to others. Additionally, certain medications might alter the colour of your iris, making it seem brighter or darker than normal. Additionally, certain eye conditions might result in a permanent change in eye colour. If you notice any variations in your eye colour, it might indicate that you are having issues with your eyes. As soon as you can, please set up a consultation so that you can address the issue as soon as it arises and prevent it from becoming worse.


  • Cosmetic laser vision correction

LASIK eye surgery has often been mistaken for cosmetic eye surgery. The innovative technique of cosmetic eye surgery, which uses a laser to modify a person’s eye colour permanently, makes it different from traditional eye surgery. You may convert someone’s brown eyes to blue by following this process. This experimental method has yet to explore the possible danger of eye conditions like glaucoma thoroughly.


  • Contact lenses with colours

The primary cause of coloured eyes is the use of coloured contact lenses. If you meet them, someone is likely using contact lenses and notice that their eyes aren’t the same colour as yours. The most secure technique to temporarily alter the colour of your eyes is to use coloured contact lenses. You should only purchase contact lenses from the recommended clinic and only after receiving a prescription from your doctor.


  • Sun exposure that is more frequent

The body produces more melanin as a result of excessive sun exposure. Even though your eye colour is established, it might change if you spend too much time in the light. You’ll get dark brown, green, blue, or grey eyes depending on your original eye colour. Depending on the hue of your eyes right now. The colour of your eyes may also be determined by how much sun you have been exposed to. Since natural light is brighter than artificial light, you can now see your eyes’ real colour in the iris, which you previously could not see.


  • Age

Age-related variations in eye colour are also seen. Typically, kids are born with grey or light blue eyes; their eyes change and become darker in shade as they mature. Because genes and the amount of melanin in one’s body both play a role in determining eye colour, this transition happens. A person’s eyes get darker as they mature because melanin levels rise with age, particularly in the area surrounding the pupil.


  • Emotions

Additionally, emotions have an impact on eye colour. The iris and pupil of your eyes change colour and size in response to certain emotions. Happiness, sorrow, and rage are just a few examples of the many emotions that result in the hormones that control pupil size being released. It explains why their eyes get crimson and seem brighter when someone tears.


  • Dress and cosmetics

Your eyes will seem more vibrant and brighter when you wear darker clothing and makeup. Many people assume this is the case, but this is not the case. In actuality, cosmetics and clothing styles contribute to how much more the eye stands out.


  • Diet

Sometimes, when someone is unwell, a doctor may examine their eyes to see whether they have enough blood. It demonstrates that nutrition affects how the colour of the eyes changes. The following list of foods contains several that, when taken, may alter the colour of your eyes.

  1. Due to its high iron concentration, spinach helps the eye sparkle more brilliantly and seem younger.
  2. Many have preconceived notions regarding olive oil, such as adding olive oil to meals can alter eye colour.
  3. Consuming organic honey can help lighten and brighten the eye colour.
  4. The eye is likewise relaxed by chamomile, which similarly alters the pupil’s size. It alters the hue of the eye’s colour, generally making it warmer.


  • Health

Your health also influences the colour of your eyes. Illness or pre-existing eye conditions often cause your eyes to become yellow or green.


  • Residence

The colour of your eyes is significantly influenced by where you live. Brown eyes are the most prevalent eye colour, and roughly 70% of people have them. You’ll find most persons with these eyes in Northern America and a portion of Australia. Around 95% of the population in Asia has brown eyes, which is a larger percentage than everywhere else. Blue-eyed individuals make up more than 50% of the population in Northern Europe, where they are more prevalent.


Laser eye colour illumination

A few decades ago, eye surgeries were very dangerous and may even result in blindness. Changes to the eye’s colour were made possible with the help of laser eye surgery. To make the eyes brighter, the laser machine aids in the elimination of melanin cells.



The brief response is that Lasik / Lasik Won’t change your eyes’ colour.

Because the laser only affects the cornea—the transparent window at the front of the eye—your eyes will be the same colour after treatment as they were before. No energy is transmitted beyond the outermost layers of the cornea during treatment; instead, only the curvature of the front of the eye is affected.

The iris, which resides inside your eyes and is located beneath the cornea, gives your eyes their colour. Laser vision correction has no impact on it at all.

As some persons with refractive errors close their eyelids together (often referred to as “squinting”) to increase the quality of vision via a pin-hole effect, your eyes may seem more open and clearer.


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