Can I Wear Eye Makeup After Smile Surgery?

Patients who have undergone Smile surgery or any other type of laser eye surgery should refrain from wearing eye makeup or any other makeup on their faces. Applicators and makeup brushes may contain bacteria that severely infect the eyes. Following your Smile eye surgery, you must wait at least one week before wearing makeup or anywhere near your eyes for fear of causing hazardous infections or rubbing your eyes, which can impede healing. Consider regularly renewing your natural-component cosmetics as a precaution following Smile eye surgery to protect your eyes.

Your surgeon could advise you to resume wearing makeup after the initial healing phase, but it’s crucial to be cautious and delicate while doing so close to the surgery site. Avoid getting cosmetics or other products into the incisions and stick to high-quality, hypoallergenic products.

It is best to speak with your surgeon for detailed advice if you have any worries or questions regarding wearing eye makeup following smile surgery.


What is Smile laser eye surgery?

Myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism are two common vision issues that can be treated using smile laser eye surgery (Smile). It is an alternative to other laser eye procedures, including LASIK and PRK.

During the Smile treatment, a piece of corneal tissue shaped like a lens is sculpted with a femtosecond laser. After making a small incision to remove the lenticule, the surgeon reshapes the cornea to restore vision.

It has been demonstrated that the relatively recent Smile treatment effectively repairs vision with high precision and few adverse effects. It is usually considered safe and appropriate for most patients who are good candidates for laser eye surgery. However, some potential dangers and consequences should be discussed with a trained eye surgeon before undertaking the surgery, as with any medical procedure.


7 mistakes to prevent after Smile laser eye surgery

1. A lot of UV exposure

Your eye doctor will probably advise you to wear sunglasses for about a week following Smile surgery. Your sensitivity to light may be very strong, and prolonged exposure can be painful and hinder the healing process. After Smile eye surgery, high-quality sunglasses with 100% UV protection are crucial. They are strongly advised for everyday use.

Make sure to wear the eye protection provided to you while you sleep for at least the first three nights after Smile eye surgery. Use safety goggles when engaging in contact sports or other comparable activities to prevent any potential eye damage.

2. Dusty and Smoky Places

Avoid places with smoke or dust that could get into your eyes, such as campfires, dirt roads, and other similar locations. An infection or other issues can arise throughout the healing process due to foreign objects in your healing eye.

Patients should avoid regions with airborne particles like sand, smoke, or dust as a precaution after Smile eye surgery. These minor irritants have the potential to harm your eyes or significantly worsen your discomfort when you are healing.

3. Travelling

After your treatment, you shouldn’t drive for a day, and you should stay in the region to attend follow-up visits in the days and weeks that follow Smile surgery. You should ask someone to drive you to and from your surgery and initial follow-up appointment.

The standard recommendation is that patients wait 24 hours after their operation before driving. You’ll probably take your vehicle to a follow-up visit a week later.

4. Longer screen time & reading

After Smile eye surgery, avoid doing a lot of hard reading for a few days to prevent eye strain. Reading and viewing content on a computer, smartphone, and other mobile device screens are explicitly mentioned here. Excessive strain on your eyes might be painful and lengthen healing time. Some ophthalmologists advise avoiding excessive screen time for one week.

5. Use eye drops and medications as directed.

Unless your eye surgeon instructs you otherwise, it would be best to continue using all your prescribed eye drops and medications in the weeks following your Smile eye surgery. You should always stick by all post-treatment instructions, even if the side effects start to decrease. Do not use drops, pain relievers, or unapproved medications while your eyes heal from Smile surgery.

6. Gadgets usage ought to be moderate.

You should avoid using gadgets during the recovery period following Smile surgery, including your phone, computer, and television, until your eye doctor assesses you after the procedure.

7. Avoid using tap water to wash your hair or to get it in your eyes.

During the first week after Smile eye surgery, wash your face gently to avoid getting tap water in your eyes. Refrain from swimming and stay out of hot tubs for a month. Tilt your head back when washing your hair to prevent getting water in your eyes. Gently pat your eyes to make them dry.

What should we do if water gets in our eyes after a Smile procedure?

There should be a few problems with the water in your shower or bathtub unless it is very hot. Nonetheless, it is possible for eyes to become irritated by chlorinated water or bacteria from an ocean, lake, or river. If this occurs, gently rinse your eyes with fresh water rather than rubbing your eyes. Next, get in touch with our doctor to learn what to do. We suggest that you continue using artificial tears in addition to your prescribed eye drops until your issues go. If the redness, swelling, or discharge continues, it could be required to perform an emergency assessment.


Is makeup for the eyes allowed after SMILE eye surgery?

Did you know that makeup and makeup brushes frequently carry bacteria and harsh chemicals? You should avoid using makeup on your eyes or the surrounding area for about a week after laser eye surgery. It may cause you to rub your eyes, slowing your healing process or resulting in dangerous infections.

To preserve your eyes, switch to cosmetics made with natural components and replace your makeup frequently even if you are not having Smile eye surgery.



We hope you are aware of your ability to wear eye makeup following Smile surgery. Also, you can access our list of things to avoid following Smile laser eye surgery.


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