Can I Shower Three Days After Smile Pro Eye Surgery?


Smile Pro eye surgery is a new refractive surgical technique for repairing vision disorders like myopia. However, proper post-surgical care is necessary for a complete recovery after any surgical procedure. Patients often wonder whether continuing their daily routine and activities, such as showering, is safe. So, Can I shower three days after smile pro eye surgery? Let’s check!


What is Smile Pro Eye Surgery, and why should one choose it?

Smile Pro eye surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that uses laser technology to remodel the shape of the cornea and fix blurred vision. Smile Pro is ten times faster than other refractive surgeries like Lasik. It involves a tiny incision in the cornea and cutting off a thin lenticule to alter the cornea and correct the refractive error. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, it provides faster recovery and reduces the risk of further complications. It is regarded as the world’s first robotic laser technique, also known to be the safest. The surgery takes 9 seconds per eye, considering the fastest robotic technique. This technique is specially created for people with excessive screen time. Although the procedure is expensive and costs around Rs. 1,00,000 in India, it is considered the most advanced technique, which is also quite comfortable and safe.

With an 18 mm flap edge incision like other surgeries, Smile Pro provides improved corneal strength and stability than LASIK. Minimal corneal nerve damage lowers the chances of dry eye after the surgery. Compared with LASIK surgery, Smile Pro has better spherical distortion control and a bigger optical zone, which may result in better night vision.
Smile Pro uses one laser that cannot be seen, felt, heard, or smelled. Lasik, on the other hand, involves a second laser, which normally lasts longer, and unlike Smile Pro, produces a faint buzzing noise and a weird chlorine-like odor, which can annoy some patients for a while.

Smile Pro eye laser surgery features the safety and comfort of PRK with an immediate return to normal activities that are even faster than LASIK. Although there is no LASIK flap with PRK, returning to daily activities such as driving may take up to a week. This technique combines the no-flap technique with the possibility of 99% of patients driving without glasses or contacts the day after surgery.


Post-Operation Guidelines

Although the surgery is quick and simple, some post-operative guidelines need to be followed by the patient. Here are some general guidelines to follow post-surgery


Refrain from rubbing your eyes:
Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes to avoid discomfort and potential consequences.
Use medications: Take the eyedrops or drugs your ophthalmologist prescribes to help heal and avoid further infection.


Showering after surgery:
Maintaining the surgical site clean and free of potential sources of infection is important, and ophthalmologists generally agree that showering after the first day of surgery is safe. However, there are a few safeguards to take:


Avoid direct water contact:
It is ideal to avoid direct water contact with your eyes during the first few days of the healing process. Shower water flooding your head and eyes can cause discomfort or irritation. To avoid this, wash your face with a clean and wet cloth while avoiding the eye area.


Choose gentle products:
To reduce the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, use gentle products for face and body cleansing. Apply mild soaps, shampoos, and face cleansers to avoid irritation in the eyes or the surgical site.


Be Gentle:
Use gentle or mild pressure to clean your eyes and prevent rubbing. To avoid unintentional eye injuries, pat your face dry smoothly rather than rubbing it with a towel.


Listen to your Surgeon’s instructions:
Considering each patient’s recovery is unique, adhering to your Surgeon’s specific post-operative guidelines is important. Depending upon your specific circumstances and development, they may provide supplementary instructions.


Do’s and Don’ts – Can I shower three days after smile pro eye surgery?

1. Please return home immediately after the surgery and rest a few hours to feel better. Keep your eyes shut as much as possible and avoid hot air vents to help your eyes dry.

2. Refrain from applying makeup on your eye or lotion for one day after surgery.

3. Avoid swimming and gardening for at least a week.

4. Ask your doctor when you may resume driving at your first post-operative checkup. If the doctor approves, you can drive the day after your operation.

5. Although it is unlikely you will feel like you have an eyelash in your eye, it is advisable to use the drops given in your post-operative kit if you feel any discomfort.

6. Wear sunglasses if you experience heightened sensitivity to light on your first day after surgery.
It is normal to feel your eyes dry for some weeks. You might even feel like there is some grit or sand in your eyes. The drops will help you relax.


Wrap Up- Can I Shower Three Days After Smile Pro Eye Surgery?

Thus, Smile Pro Eye Surgery is a highly effective procedure for treating vision issues. Each laser pulse lasts for around 10 seconds. The laser goes through your corneal surface; it does not need to be removed, as with PRK and LASIK. The laser is precisely managed to generate a unique therapy for each eye.

Regardless of the strength of your myopia prescription, the treatment duration is always the same. Following adequate post-operative care instructions is critical for a speedy recovery. While showering 24 hours post-surgery is normally safe; there are a few things to be kept in mind, such as avoiding direct water contact and using mild products around the surgical site. To ensure a smooth recovery, always speak with your ophthalmologist and follow their directions. Hence, showering after three days is completely normal and safe.


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