Can I Join The AFMC After A Lasik Operation? How Would They Know That I Had One?

Pursuing a degree in AFMC (Armed Forces Medical College) is a dream for every medical student! No wonder AFMC provides the best career prospects in defence services. However, a few are still perplexed by the question, “Can I join the AFMC after a Lasik Operation?”

For a candidate to get admitted, good physical and mental health is one of the criteria required to be efficient in performing duty in the Armed Forces.

AFMC possesses specific medical fitness standards, compulsory for every student. But, as per medical standards mentioned on the official website of AFMC, specific guidelines are provided for LASIK surgery candidates. They can still reserve a seat for themselves, provided they are not physically fit.

Let’s resolve thousands of students’ concerns. “Can I join the AFMC after a Lasik Operation?”


What is a Lasik Operation?

Before determining the medical standards required for AFMC, one should have a brief idea about it.

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK), an eye surgery, is one of the best-suited laser refractive surgeries to cure vision problems like myopia. Primarily, LASIK Operation is an alternative to contact lenses or spectacles.

After surgery, you might achieve 20/25 vision, irrespective of 20/20 vision being the standard eyesight requirement.


Should an undergoing LASIK candidate be disqualified for their visual defects? 

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, says,” All candidates whose vision defects have been medically treated with Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) or Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) eye surgery are not to be disqualified.”

The candidates are put into various branches of the Armed Forces, including engineering and medical services.

For the selective acceptance of applications in the Armed Forces, candidates of age 20 and above with LASIK or PRK surgery can seek admission based on the given conditions: –

  • If you are operated on with precise and secure LASIK or PRK surgery for Myopia or Hypermetropia.
  • If you have strong eye refraction for at least six months after the LASIK procedure.
  • If you have a healthy retina.
  • Suppose you have a typical vision of (6/6) in the better eye and 6/9 in the worse eye approximately. Additionally, with +1.0 to +1.50 maximum residual refraction in any vertex for myopia or hypermetropia.

Therefore, these are the minimum requirements for a post-LASIK candidate to join the Armed Forces colleges. Hence, let’s answer our primary concern!


“Can I join the AFMC after the Lasik operation?” What criteria should be followed post-LASIK/PRK? 

Indeed, you can join the AFMC after your LASIK Operation. Once LASIK surgery is done, you must meet the visual requirements for the AFMC branch. You should follow the criteria and be satisfied before selecting post-PRK/LASIK during the Air Force Medical Examination.

Important Guidelines to be followed: –

  • No PRK/LASIK surgery should have been performed before age 20.
  • The mid-length of the eye, as studied by the IOL master, should be less than 25.5 mm.
  • A minimum of 12 months should have passed following PRK/LASIK with no history or evidence of complications.
  • After the LASIK operation, the thickness of the cornea should not exceed 450 microns, as estimated by a corneal pachymeter.
  • People with high refractive errors, assuming more than 6D before LASIK, will be disqualified.
  • Radial Keratotomy (RK) surgery for refractive error correction is not permitted for any Air Force duty. Candidates who have had cataract surgery with or without IOL implants will also be ineligible.



In a nutshell, the Indian Armed Forces, like AFMC (Armed Forces of Medical College), allow LASIK surgery under medical standards. Still, there is a chance that LASIK surgery’s long-term result may differ, with no hint as such.


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