Can I Have Lasik Eye Surgery If I Have High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a common disorder in which the blood pressure within your arteries is higher than it should be.

High blood pressure is especially concerning because it can exist without symptoms while increasing your risk of serious problems such as heart disease or stroke.

Fortunately, modern devices make it relatively simple to control whether or not you have high blood pressure, and modern treatments make it possible to manage and reduce it.

One of the complexities of hypertension is that other health issues can cause it. In most cases, there is no single underlying cause. Still, an increase in arterial pressure, for example, can be influenced by factors ranging from color, race, age, and family history to pregnancy, diet, and stress.

Regarding surgery, you may be an unsuitable candidate due to factors related to high blood pressure.

However, you will be relieved to learn that having high blood pressure is not a negation to Laser Eye Surgery. However, we take a complete medical history during your preoperative assessment, which is critical in determining your suitability for treatment.


Is laser eye surgery suitable for high blood pressure?

The preoperative assessment is one of the most critical aspects of Laser Eye Surgery, if not the most important.

During the preoperative evaluation, it is determined whether you are a candidate for treatment or not. Of course, this depends on various factors, such as your medical history, prescription, and overall health. Still, it depends on the clinic’s automation, proficiency, and potential to deliver the treatment in various situations safely.

Despite seeing a wide range of patients with various conditions at multiple clinics, there is a 98 percent chance that we can help you. Some clinics, using less sophisticated treatment and assessment methods, turn away up to 20% of candidates because they believe they are unsuitable for Laser Eye Surgery.


High Blood Pressure and LASIK Surgery

According to a recent study conducted by Australian researchers, long-term hypertension increases a person’s susceptibility to glaucoma. It is believed that high blood pressure could counteract high eye pressure by temporarily raising blood pressure levels. However, this appears to work only for younger patients.

The study found that chronic hypertension can harm the eye’s blood vessels and limit the eye’s ability to cope with a high state of blood compulsion.

Therefore, a person having high blood pressure should get an eye exam to ensure you don’t develop the “silent” condition of glaucoma.


Takeaway: Handle your eye carefully

Eye health is one such aspect that you should take care of with proper medicines and care.

A candidate for the LASIK procedure should have a healthy eye and blood pressure.

Thus, if you have high blood pressure and are considering having Laser Eye Surgery, you should always seek a second or third opinion. It is also why many people prefer to get Laser Eye Surgery treatment at a private clinic or hospital that is not only run by medical experts but also operated by them.


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