Can A Pilot Get Lasik?

Professions like aviation need a stringent vision requirement. Pilots must have a clear vision to manage shifts and occasionally tricky conditions. Pilot laser eye surgery may be a desirable solution even though wearing glasses or contact lenses is undoubtedly possible. Pilots who get LASIK surgery are liberated from needing glasses and contact lenses.

There is no concern about misplacing or breaking glasses or experiencing discomfort and dryness from contact lenses. For the best possible vision, the aviator’s eyes are constantly adjusted. Clear vision is not only preferred but also required. That’s because pilots must meet tight eye-vision standards.


Pilot Vision Requirements

The vision requirements for pilot licenses differ depending on the particular position that they hold.


Vision Requirements for Military Pilots

Pilot Vision Requirements in the Air Force

  • usual colour perception
  • 20/30 or greater uncorrected near visual acuity
  • a distant vision uncorrected of no less than 20/70 in each eye
  • corrected distance vision of at least 20/20
  • Further specifications for astigmatism, accommodation, and refraction


Vision Qualifications for Army Helicopter Pilots

The following Army pilot eyesight requirements must be satisfied to enrol in Army Helicopter Flight Training:

  • 20/50 or greater uncorrected visual acuity in each eye
  • 20/20 or greater corrected visual acuity in both eyes
  • normal depth perception, colour vision, and field of view

The vision criteria for helicopter pilots state that eyesight cannot deteriorate past 20/400 without correction after training. The 20/20 corrected visual acuity is required.

One option to achieve the visual standards for Army aviation is with LASIK. Army helicopter pilots can utilize LASIK eye surgery if their eyesight deteriorates beyond 20/400 without treatment to stay in the service.


Pilot Vision Requirements for the Navy and Marine Corps

The following are the vision standards for the Marine Corps:

  • 20/200 or higher uncorrected distance visual acuity in each eye
  • 20/20 or greater corrected distant vision in each eye
  • corrected near vision in each eye of 20/20 or greater
  • restrictions on the style and strength of prescription glasses
  • normal colour vision, depth perception, and field of view

The following is the vision standards for navy pilots:

  • Depending on the service class, uncorrected distance visual acuity of 20/100–20/400 or better in each eye
  • 20/20 or greater corrected distant vision in each eye
  • corrected near vision in each eye of 20/20 or greater
  • Every meridian’s anisometropia cannot be more than 3.50 Diopters.
  • The standard field of vision, intraocular pressure, colour vision, depth perception, and oculomotor balance


Eyesight qualifications for civilian pilots

Although civilian pilots are not subject to military limitations, they have their own set of requirements to follow to achieve the standards for eyesight safety.

Requirements for airline pilots’ Vision

  • 20/20 or more excellent distance vision in both eyes, with or without correction
  • 20/40 or better intermediate visual acuity in both eyes, with or without correction
  • 20/40 or better near visual acuity in both eyes, with or without correction
  • Adequate colour vision

Airline pilots frequently have LASIK because they can readily satisfy these requirements after surgery without correction. Airlines pilots with LASIK may no longer need ear glasses or contact lenses.

So, of course, Pilots can get Lasik. They are some of the best candidates. As you can see, uncorrected vision is frequently a prerequisite for pilot eyesight. For people who need spectacles, LASIK eye surgery for pilots can be the only option to satisfy these requirements.

LASIK allows pilots freedom from glasses and contact lenses, even for individuals whose uncorrected vision satisfies the requirements. The aviator always has sharp, clear eyesight.

The following requirements must be satisfied to be a candidate for refractive surgery:

  • Good health
  • Ocular development (generally 18 years of age)
  • prescription stability for glasses for at least two years
  • Free from sickness, damage, or eye infection
  • enough corneal thickness


Locating a reliable LASIK professional

Please verify that the surgeon is a board-certified ophthalmologist with a current medical license. Request the surgeon’s LASIK results, speak with other patients, and observe the other’s operation. The more skilled surgeons typically have less to hide, and these outcomes should be closely monitored. If you want to be extra cautious, you might want to look up a particular surgeon in one of the open information databases on the Internet to see whether malpractice allegations have been made against them.


After laser eye surgery

Time of recovery – Amazingly speedy vision recovery is provided by LASIK. Many patients are surprised by how quickly their vision returns after surgery.

When you get home after having refractive surgery, you’ll be told to sleep for four to six hours. As a result, your eyes’ surface can heal without being disturbed by continuous blinking. Although you could feel dizzy and uncomfortable, your vision will be evident the following day. Within 24 hours following their procedures, patients can resume most of their daily activities. The number of subsequent visits varies depending on how things go after that.

While LASIK recovery is relatively speedy for pilots, it may take some time for the military to allow you to resume your whole duty. By branch, LASIK wait times for military pilots vary.

LASIK surgery can enhance your quality of life, especially if you’re a pilot because having good vision is essential (especially in the military). As with any surgery, there is a small potential for problems, and rest is recommended for a set amount of time after the procedure.

Considering this operation’s potential positive and negative effects on your job would be best. Before deciding to have the treatment, it is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages.


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