Are You Awake During Your LASIK Surgery?

“LASIK” is a type of eye surgery. LASIK means laser-in-situ keratomileusis. It is a popular and famous surgery that corrects vision in people. LASIK corrects refractive errors. People who are farsighted, nearsighted, or astigmatism can refer to LASIK. The LASIK process is very safe—US-FDA-approved certificate for LASIK eye surgery. Here, you will come to know whether you should be awake during your LASIK eye surgery or not.

What will happen if you Blink or Move during LASIK?

You may think that if you move, sneeze, blink, or even cough, something scary will happen to you during LASIK eye surgery. But, it is not at all problematic. You may have envisioned it in your mind. You will be lying down in a comfortable position that will support your head. Then, your laser eye surgeon will use a blinking retainer to hold the eyelid in place. 

Eye surgery equipment can track the eye’s movements at a speed of 4,000+ times per second. Your laser eye surgeon who uses the surgical equipment is accurate and precise. Today, LASIK is one of the most successful types of surgery. It has minimal risks and very few side effects.

Are you Awake during LASIK?

Yes, you will be awake during your LASIK eye treatment. But you should not feel scared and worried at all.

  • You will not Feel any Pain

Many people think that you have to wake up during your LASIK procedure, something will go wrong. But it’s not the way people assume it. You will feel nothing scary, only light pressure on your eye if you feel anything at all. Also, you will be under very mild oral sedation. Although you will be awake, you will relax and not feel anything. You will receive numbing drops in each of your eyes to prevent any eye discomfort during the LASIK surgery.

  • You will not go Blind if you Blink

Blinking during your LASIK eye treatment, you may have a widespread fear. Many patients have that fear. You may be afraid that you have chosen a highly qualified surgeon with state-of-the-art equipment, and if you blink or turn your head, you will mess up the entire operation. But, it is not valid. Your leader will be stable in the process, and a special retainer will use to prevent you from blinking during the small duration of the LASIK surgery.

  • LASIK Eye Surgery takes a few Minutes

The term “surgery” often reminds the patients of the long hours they have to spend in the waiting rooms waiting on the news of a loved one, invading the surgical process. LASIK is fast, precise, and safe. You don’t have to worry about lying awake on the surgical table. On average, LASIK surgery will take less than 10 minutes for each of your eyes. The real-time that the lasers are in contact with each watch is for merely seconds.

  • You chose a Team with Experience

You should select good LASIK eye surgeons and hospitals like there is the best LASIK surgery in DelhiThey have more experience with laser vision correction surgeries, and patient safety is their top priority. They use the best diagnostic and surgical equipment to ensure that you are a great candidate for the process. Your process will perform precisely and safely. When you select a good team like theirs who uses the latest LASIK, who takes the time to determine your LASIK candidacy and answer your questions about the process, you will feel safe confident during your LASIK eye surgery.

What is the Procedure?

LASIK eye surgery is a three-step procedure:

  1. Using a femtosecond laser, the eye surgeon creates a hinged flap in the cornea. Then folds the flap gently back to expose the cornea.
  2. Then, the eye surgeon uses a different laser called an excimer laser to reshape the cornea’s surface. It will correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism.
  3. After the correction is complete, the eye surgeon repositions the hinge flap, and it heals in place without requiring any stitches.

During the process, they will ask you to focus on a red light, which is not the laser but the light the eye surgeon uses to help to keep your eyes steady. They use state-of-the-art laser technology, which has a tracking device that indeed follows your eyes to ensure an effective, efficient, and safe LASIK surgery.


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