How Long After Lasik Can I Wear Mascara?

Women’s planning Lasik eye surgery wants to know when they can start wearing makeup. makeup.As it makes you feel more confident and this is an essential part of one’s life. After the Lasik Surgery, you will have to follow instructions given by the Lasik surgeon on how to properly take care of yourself and your eyes. During the recovery phase, you will notice that one of the instructions includes not wearing eye makeup for at least 15 days, after Lasik during your Lasik recovery. It is okay to wear face makeup like foundation and concealer as long as it does not get very close to your eyes. In general, one should minimize the things going into or around your eyes as much as possible after laser eye surgery at least for a month. This will allow your cornea to heal with less risk of infection or complication postsurgery and to achieve desired results at a good pace.

Eye Make and the Eye Surgery

Though undergoing any type of eye surgery really forces you to stop wearing eye makeup for about one week beforehand. The reason for that is mascara eyeliner, eyeshadow can all harbour bacteria and it should not enter your eye. The bacteria proliferating on your eyelids and on your eyelashes is found as, as per study the bacteria on your eyelashes can get into the surgical field even if you don’t have surgery on your eyelids and cells and surgeries being done inside the eye. It can still get into the surgical area so for that reason one has to be super conservative.

Also as per suggestions of many surgeons, It is advised to avoid wearing eye makeup for one week prior to surgery.

It is recommended to use a clinique rinse off makeup remover for removing your eye makeup. So there should be no risk of bacteria taking place in your eyes.


How Does Eye Makeup Impact our Eyes after undergoing Lasik Surgery?

Although wearing eye makeup really depends on the type of eye surgery you are undergoing. As per many doctors, it’s fine to go ahead and use eye make-up right after the type of cataract surgery. There is no such hard and fast rule putting restrictions on eye makeup. Just for being on the safe side, it is advised to avoid wearing makeup for one to two weeks after your surgery.

  •  Also, makeup mascara tubes need to be discarded every three months and they are just really the perfect night for harbouring bacteria. So just be on the safe side, toss your old mascara with a fresh mascara and avoid glittery eyeshadow.
  • As glittery eyeshadow tends to have a lot of fallout and you don’t want that falling into the new post-operative fields. whether you have incisions here on your eyelid or sutureless cataract surgery or Lasik you don’t want glitter in there.
  •  Don’t put eyeliner into your water line, keep everything on the skin even when you do resume just to be on the safe side again. You don’t want to be introducing debris, particular matter or anything with bacteria where it can penetrate and go into that eye and cause a problem.
  • Make sure you’re using clean makeup brushes when you restart your makeup routine. Wash everything with a nice gentle cleanser. Make sure it’s all super clean so that your eyes do really clean after your surgery.


How much time does it take to get the vision back to normal after the Retinal Detachment Surgery?

The common procedure is to carry out a retreat of the vitreous gel and Is removed from inside the eye and it’s temporarily replaced with a gas bubble and these holes are written into position.

While the freezing treatment or the laser treatment which is being used to spot within the back into position takes effect. While the gas bubble is in position the vision will be blurred and absorbed.

And can take from two to four weeks and with some longer-acting gases maybe even three months the vision will start to improve and really depend on whether the macular or the central part of the retina was involved.

What also patients have to do when there is a gas bubble in the eye is to position their head and a particular orientation. This is so that you can manipulate the gas bubble to cover the hole in the retina so very often they have to keep their heads pointing downwards and maybe one cheek or the other two pointing towards.

The ground just so that you can move the gas problem around during that period clearly the vision is going to blur the longer-term prognosis for vision and really depends on whether the macular has been attached or not.

If it hasn’t then there’s an extremely good chance of normal vision being restored and this can be within two to four weeks.

 If the macular has detached then the vision can be blurred long-term.


Can apply Mascara harm my Eyes After Eye Surgery?

There is no such harm to your eyes by applying mascara. After Lasik treatment, you just need to make sure of a few of the things keeping in regard to your safety concerns. One should use new mascara tubes so that they should not have any chances of bacteria production. Following a light eye make-up routine would also be helpful in making you successful at a good pace.

One of the most essential points is to Try avoiding close contact with makeup products to your eyes after the surgery as it can cause dryness and itchiness that will gently lead to trouble. The major issue of concern is not the mascara but the appropriate amount of makeup to be applied and the accurate way.

Keeping in regard to all hygiene and preventing your eyes from harmful chemicals after the surgery is only a matter of concern that needs to be handled carefully.


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