SMILE Vs Contoura Vision Vs SMILE Pro

In the field of refractive surgery, three pioneering procedures—SMILE, Contoura Vision, and SMILE Pro—have marked significant advancements. These contenders promise to liberate you from the shackles of glasses and contacts, providing a view of clear vision.

But how do you decide which procedure checks every box for you?

This comprehensive comparison delves into the unique strengths and characteristics of each method.

Whether you’re considering corrective eye surgery, are an enthusiast of ophthalmology, or are simply interested in vision care, this guide offers a lucid exploration of the complexities, helping you make an informed decision.




Contoura Vision



Femtosecond laser creates lenticule, removed through small incision

Topography-guided LASIK with corneal flap creation

Advanced femtosecond laser creates lenticule, removed through small incision

Minimally Invasive


No (flap creation)


Recovery Time

Fast (3-4 days)

Longer (few weeks to few months)

Fastest (24 hours)





Suitability for Dry Eyes

More suitable

Less suitable

More suitable

Prescription Range

Lower to moderate

Broader, including higher-order aberrations

Lower to moderate

Flap-Related Risks


Potential for tearing, infection


Newer Technology



Latest generation




Potentially higher


The Three Contenders: A Breakdown of SMILE Vs Contoura Vision Vs SMILE Pro

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction): The Minimally Invasive Champion

SMILE introduces a minimally invasive technique, utilizing an advanced femtosecond laser to craft a lenticule, which is then removed through a tiny incision. This process reshapes the cornea, effectively correcting your vision.

This procedure wins favour for its micro-invasive incision and quick recovery, essentially courting patients seeking minimal downtime.


  • Minimally invasive, boasting a brief recovery period of merely 3-4 days
  • Medium to moderate discomfort relative to LASIK and deemed fit for patients with dry eyes


  • Reserved for correcting lower to moderate prescriptions
  • Restricted suitability due to individual corneal topology or higher prescriptions


Contoura Vision: The Personalization Champion

Contoura Vision, the master of customized visual correction, utilizes topography-guided LASIK. This approach creates a high-definition 3D map of the cornea, guiding the excimer laser’s precision sculpting for remarkably refined vision that frequently surpasses the standards of traditional LASIK.


  • Potential for crisper vision outcomes compared to conventional LASIK
  • Compatible with a broader spectrum of prescriptions, including advanced higher-order aberrations


  • Requires the making of a corneal flap, which isn’t universally ideal
  • Comparatively a longer recovery period (a few weeks to a few months) and escalated risks related to corneal flaps such as tearing or infections


SMILE Pro (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction Pro): The Evolution of SMILE

SMILE Pro represents an advanced version of its predecessor, featuring a cutting-edge, fully robotic femtosecond laser that enhances precision in lenticule formation. It offers faster visual recovery and improved accuracy while maintaining all the benefits of the original SMILE technology.


  • Enhanced from SMILE, promising faster visual recovery in just 24 hours with heightened precision
  • Preliminary data indicates a reduced likelihood of needing retreatment compared to traditional SMILE procedures
  • Offers safety advantages, including a quicker return to activities with minimal discomfort


  • A relatively recent introduction with limited data on durability
  • Potentially more taxing on the wallet compared to its competitors


Understanding Your Needs: A Crucial First Step

Before diving into the complex world of refractive procedures, it’s crucial to understand your distinct eye characteristics and vision correction goals. 

Consider factors such as your prescription strength, corneal thickness, lifestyle needs, and a preference for less invasive techniques as key considerations in making your choice.


A Detailed Look at Each Procedure


  • Minimalist practice, employing strategies with minimal invasiveness
  • Swift recovery within a brief timeframe allows a quick return to daily activities

Contoura Vision:

  • Master of personalization, contouring vision beyond traditional capacities
  • Could be the ticket for those grappling with higher astigmatic aberrations or uncommon corneal irregularities


  • Boasting improved accuracy, this advanced version serves as a guiding light for those seeking precision in corrections
  • After the procedure, individuals can continue their lives with minimal discomfort


The Bottom Line: Choosing Your Champion

When navigating the path to optimal laser vision correction, ensure your approach is guided by a clear and concise overview:

  • For minimally invasive preference with a brisk recovery: SMILE or SMILE Pro carve out the top spots.
  • For potentially sharp vision outcomes: Contoura Vision steers into view as a favorable choice.
  • For those with dry eyes or flap-related hesitations: Lean towards SMILE or SMILE Pro.
  • Gravitating towards higher astigmatic resolution: Contoura Vision stands out as a go-to candidate.

Yet, remember, the key decision should be made in collaboration with a knowledgeable ophthalmologist. A thorough assessment will determine your suitability, clarify the details of each procedure, and lead to a decision that combines your input with professional expertise.


The Road to Clear Vision Starts Here

By choosing SMILE, Contoura Vision, or SMILE Pro, you’re taking control in your quest for crystal-clear vision without the need for glasses. 

By working closely with your eye surgeon and customizing the procedure to your unique needs, you’re paving the way towards experiencing the world with clear sight.

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