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Visual Aids Centre is delighted to introduce a truly Futuristic and a Revolutionary Laser Vision Correction technology driven by Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm support of 8 million eyes.

SMILE PRO is a first of its kind fully Robotic Laser tailored for professionals with screen time of more than 5 hours a day.

How does it work?

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

The focal length of the eye ball is adjusted as per a pre determined software by a Robotic AI driven laser. This laser creates a Lenticule (a thin hair like layer) which is removed and the refractive error is corrected leaving the surface of the eye untouched. As compared to other Laser Vision Correction procedures, there are minimum to no side effects and the overall recovery is much quicker.

Introduced by Carl-Zeiss in January 2023, SMILE PRO is a upgraded laser platform of the previously existing SMILE which was introduced in 2016.


SMILE PRO uses the CPA (Chirped Pulse Amplification) technology for which Arthur Askin and Donna Stickland have been awarded Nobel Prize in Physics 2018.

Advantages of SMILE PRO Eye Surgery

The cornea surface is left untouched, preserving its biomechanical strength and stability better than other techniques.

Inflammation is reduced to negligible as the total laser energy used is up to 50 times lesser than an excimer laser.

Likeliness of dry eyes is significantly lowered, since no flap is created.

There is no use of surgical cutting instruments and involves no change of equipment during the treatment.

The entire process takes place in one easy step with unmatched precision for an excellent visual outcome.

Since this procedure is minimally invasive, it involves minimum intervention and therefore less after care is required, enabling you to enjoy your new visual sensation right from day one.


Treatment time:

22 seconds per eye

9 seconds per eye

Visual recovery:

Takes 3-4 days
Same day recovery


Semi robotic

Fully robotic drive by AI

Patient discomfort:

Medium to moderate

No discomfort


SMILE (Visumax 500)

Smile Pro

SMILE PRO (Visumax 800)


Frequently Asked Questions

24 hours is the recovery time after SMILE PRO.

You can resume work 2 hours after the procedure.

There will be three post-op check ups, one day, one week and one month after the procedure.

No physical contact with the eyes whatsoever, No splashing of water in the eyes, No eye make up and No swimming, all of these for a period of 7 days.

SMILE PRO is the most expensive Laser Vision Correction procedure priced at INR 1,50,000/- for both eyes.

SMILE PRO is the next generation SMILE and is the worlds first Ai driven Robotic Laser.

The main two disadvantages of SMILE PRO is that this procedure is not suited for thinner corneas and for prescriptions less than -1D and it is an expensive procedure.

If you are a suitable candidate for SMILE PRO, there are no major disadvantages apart from mild temporary dryness.

1 in 1000 eye regresses which means that 0.5-0.75 number may come back usually seen in high myopes (more than -6D)

SMILE PRO is a flap-less and blade-less procedure and there are advantages over other procedures provided your eye scan is suitable for it.

Based on 2108 reviews
Shonali Verma
Shonali Verma
Very comfortable and great experience and the laser operation was done very well
sonam gaki
sonam gaki
I had my lasik recently here and in no time my eyes clarity was magic. Never thought I will have my new eyes sight with no pain and no pressure. Thank you Doctor Vivikbukshey 🙏
Saachi Bhatia
Saachi Bhatia
Amazing experience :)
Renuka Sonak
Renuka Sonak
Feel superb after lasik im free from that space thank you doctor and the team you all are very coperative
Ujjawal Kumar Tonk
Ujjawal Kumar Tonk
Good service and cooperative staff
Vipin kumar
Vipin kumar
I had Lasik surgery and it was an amazing experience! The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable, and the procedure itself was quick and painless. My vision improved immediately and I could see better than I ever had before. I am so thankful to the doctors specially Vipin Sir, he is so cooperative and amazing motivator and staff at the clinic for giving me the gift of perfect vision. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone considering it without any thought. Thanks Visual Aids Centre !!
Batmunkh Byambasuren
Batmunkh Byambasuren
The experience was super. Thanks a lot for the wonderful service
Dr Aditi Gupta
Dr Aditi Gupta
The doctorsvare very good, thr staff was so well managed with high quality service. Please don't give any second thought. It is the best place for lasic
kishore ambati
kishore ambati
Quick appointment with great customer service. Good place for lipiflow treatment.

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