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Over the past 25 years, Visual Aids Centre has consolidated its position as a go-to LASIK hospital in Delhi. Our experts have successfully performed over 100,000 LASIK procedures. Some of the best ophthalmologists and optometrists in the country perform LASIK procedures here.

What Is LASIK Eye Surgery?

Laser in-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is a laser eye surgery. It corrects refractive errors, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK surgery involves using a laser to reshape the cornea. The treatment works by perfecting imperfections in how the eye focuses incoming light.

This blade-free treatment is one of the safest ways to treat vision problems. LASIK corrects your eye itself. Therefore, it is a good treatment option for people who want to stop wearing glasses and contact lenses.

LASIK has an impressive track record of treating vision problems. More than 90% of people who undergo this surgery are satisfied with the results. Serious complications are rare. With IntraLase, the likelihood of complexities is even lower.

Although there are some side effects, such as visual disturbances and dry eyes, they are temporary. LASIK is by far the best treatment option for people with mild nearsightedness.


Is LASIK Right for You?

LASIK is a treatment option for refractive errors. We should note that the surgery is not for treating glaucoma and lazy eye.

Over the years, Visual Aids Centre has emerged as a go-to LASIK hospital in Delhi. We want people to undergo this surgery only if they can benefit from it. Therefore, before you dive in, be sure to meet the following criteria:

  • You have a stable prescription and do not have to change it from time to time.
  • Your eye health is good, and your cornea is sufficiently thick.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • You are not suffering from advanced glaucoma.
  • Not pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.
  • You do not have a history of eye conditions such as glaucoma and lazy eye. That is because patients with these conditions do not benefit much from LASIK.
  • You do not have diabetes. However, if you have, you keep it under control.


Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

The benefits of LASIK eye surgery go beyond just better eyesight. That is why so many people undergo the process. The benefits include:

  • Cost savings in the long term:  Affordability is one of the reasons Visual Aids Centre has become a reputable LASIK hospital in Delhi. Yes, LASIK surgery is relatively expensive. With that said, if you get this surgery when you are young, you will save money in the long term. That is because you will no longer have to spend money on glasses and contact supplies. Apart from that, you will save money because you will not have to visit your doctor frequently.
  • Convenience: LASIK surgery will make working, traveling, and sports easier for you. People who have moderate astigmatism may not benefit from contact lenses. These people, understandably, find LASIK surgery very convenient.
  • Almost Permanent vision improvements: LASIK changes your eye permanently. As a result, you will enjoy improved vision for years to come. The results of the surgery are permanent. After undergoing this procedure, you will need fewer visits to your eye doctor. You will not need any additional appointments except for annual eye exams. That said, most people notice a decline in their vision in their 40s. Therefore, you may need to wear glasses or contact lenses later.
  • No risk associated with contact lenses: In some cases, contact lenses can cause eye infections. Most contact lens users indulge in risky habits that can cause eye infections. LASIK eliminates this risk.


Visual Aids Centre: The Best LASIK Hospital in Delhi

So, you are thinking of undergoing LASIK surgery. But, before you dive in, be sure to choose a reliable doctor. Here’s why Visual Aids Centre has become a go-to LASIK hospital:

Experienced and Reliable Doctors

No other single LASIK hospital in India has done so many successful LASIK procedures as we have. The highly experienced doctors here are committed to helping patients.

Top-Notch Equipment

People who undergo LASIK surgery must know that not all LASIK hospitals have the best tools. The latest equipment helps us provide our patients with the best service possible.

We are one of the first eye centres to introduce blade-free Intralase LASIK in India. It is the best treatment for refractive errors of vision. We have the safest FEMTO laser.

CustomVue LASIK has revolutionized the treatment of refractive eye surgery. This technology has helped numerous patients recover from various refractive errors. On average, the procedure takes only 15 minutes. Better yet, patients get the benefits almost immediately.


Lasik Surgery Procedure  

As a reputable LASIK hospital in Delhi, Visual Aids Centre takes the needs of the patients before, during, and after the surgery. We encourage you to understand the steps. In short, here is what to expect:

Before Surgery

Before your surgery, you will have to undergo a comprehensive eye exam. It includes examining your vision, signs of inflammation, infection, large eye pupils, and dry eyes. LASIK can worsen some pre-existing conditions. That is why your doctor will examine if you have them.

Doctors at Visual Aids Centre will assess the condition of your eye. They will measure the shape, contour, and thickness associated with the cornea. After that, your doctor will let you know if LASIK can correct your refractive error. The doctor will recommend the surgery only if you are a good candidate.

During Surgery

You will have to go to an outpatient center. A surgeon will reshape your cornea. Fortunately, the surgery is painless. Here are a few notable aspects of a LASIK procedure:

  • You will receive a few eye drops for local anesthesia.
  • The surgeon will use a device to prevent your eyes from blinking.
  • The surgeon will also place a suction ring on your eyes to prevent them from turning away.
  • Then, the surgeon will use a laser device to reshape your cornea. There is, however, no risk of injury because the device is pre-programmed and precise.

After Surgery

  • You will have to place a see-through or transparent shield over your eyes. It will protect your eyes while they are healing,
  • You are not supposed to engage in regular day-to-day tasks on the day of your surgery. So, the doctor will ask you to relax, sleep, and refrain from activities.
  • You may experience a burning or itching sensation in your eyes. This slightly uncomfortable sensation usually lasts for several hours after the surgery. You may or may not need to use eye drops to reduce this feeling.
  • After just a few days, you will experience improved vision.

You can return to your daily life after a few days of LASIK surgery. Visual Aids Center offers free follow-up visits after surgery. These follow-ups will help you minimize any risk associated with your LASIK surgery. Your doctor will provide you with the required drops and medicines. In addition, you will receive instructions for post-op precautions.

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