Tailor-made for you and just you

Contoura Vision is revolutionizing how we enhance vision, offering unrivaled precision and accuracy with its 22,000 elevation points for each eye. Launched in 2016 & FDA-approved, this pioneering technology identifies corneal irregularities to create personalized treatments on a patient’s visual axis, ensuring crystal-clear results! With Contoura Vision, you can be rest assured that your journey towards better vision will be sharper.

Advantages of Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is an innovative laser solution for people with astigmatism greater than 2D

It results in improved night driving and reduced sensitivity towards light.

Helps in reducing glare and halos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vision should be clear the next day in terms of quantity. The quality will keep on getting better for weeks.

You can resume work the next day after your first post-op check up.

There will be three check ups, post-op day1, after 1 week and after 1 month.

No physical contact with the eyes whatsoever, No splashing of water in the eyes, No eye make up and No swimming, all of these for a period of 7 days.

The cost ranges from INR 65,000 till INR 1,10,000 (all inclusive) which Also includes all the pre-op investigations, medicines and post-op visits till 1 year.

Contoura vision is Topography-guided Lasik and Customised Lasik is Wave-Front guided Lasik.

Flap-related complications may arise in case of any trauma or accident.

Temporary dryness for which lubricating eye drops are given which typically subsides over a period of 2-3 months.

1 in 1000 eye regresses which means that 0.5-0.75 D number may come back usually seen in high myopes (more than -6D)

Every eye is different and every eye has different needs in terms of Laser Vision Correction. We offer all procedures and to know which one is best suited for you, please have your eyes scanned at VAC at your convenience, totally free of cost.