Contoura Vision in Gurgaon

The most delicate area that has to be protected is the eyes. Naturally, you want the greatest service while having Lasik surgery to ensure you have the clearest eyesight possible. The most recent technological advancement, Contoura Vision, maximizes the effectiveness of the procedure. A laser is used to first measure and then correct any corneal flaws. The finest surgery in Gurgaon is what we are providing. Let’s learn in-depth knowledge about this LASIK version to understand why you really deserve this Contoura Vision service.

Corrector of Astigmatism Refractive Errors

Contoura vision is the newest and most innovative way to repair vision using lasers at this time. Compared to other laser vision correction techniques, it can more precisely correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Contoura Vision can be referred to as “customized LASIK.” You may modify your LASIK procedure with Contoura Vision, also known as topography-guided LASIK, by having a precise map of your eye. The Contoura vision technology provides a measurement of 22,000 points as opposed to the 200 points provided by the wavefront-guided LASIK treatment. The technology lessens the LASIK-related negative effects. The LASIK-related side effects are lessened with the Contoura vision technology. In order to deliver a personalized laser ablation of the cornea, the WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q or WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser Systems are used in combination with the WaveLight Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device (made by Alcon, a part of Novartis, USA). These devices ensure that all surface flaws in individual corneas, and hence the optical system of the eye, are recorded and corrected, resulting in better and clearer sight.

Contoura Vision’s Supervision

It received FDA approval in the United States in 2016. In several people who participated in US FDA studies to evaluate the technology, Contoura Vision has produced vision greater than 6/6 (or 20/20, the standardized normal vision). The only technology that has seen such phenomenal success in terms of quantity is Contoura Vision. According to multicenter clinical studies, Contoura Vision gives superior visual results than either glasses or contact lenses for nearly 30% of patients. Contrarily, Contoura vision outperformed both spectacles and contact lenses when measuring “quality of vision,” which is defined as visual acuity along with visual symptoms. At the end of twelve months following surgery, nearly one-third of the eyes that had had the procedure reported greater unassisted vision than they had with their glasses/contact lenses preoperatively.

Positive Aspects of Contoura’s Vision

The main advantage of Contoura vision eye surgery is that it is quite safe while removing eyeglasses because it has received FDA approval in the USA. The advantages include no bandage, no hospital stay, no needles, no stitches, and no blades. You get to take off your glasses permanently within a few moments barely 25 minutes, just after you decide to have the Contoura vision eye surgery.

Contoura Vision Cost in Gurgaon

As very few places have the service of this latest Lasik surgery process in India, Contoura Vision might be highly pricey in Gurugram. The price we are offering here is about INR 95,000 per eye. This is the lowest price if you consider the other providers having Contoura Vision services. We are highly suggested if you are thinking about the LASIK procedure.

Eligibility list to get Contoura vision 

LASIK and SMILE are outperformed by the USFDA-approved procedure Contoura Vision. The qualifying requirements for Contoura vision eye surgery are as follows:

  • It is necessary for the patient to have an eyeglass prescription.
  • Surgery patients must be older than 18 years old.
  • When having surgery, the patient’s cornea should be of sufficient thickness.
  • There shouldn’t be any corneal conditions present in the patient.
  • There shouldn’t be more myopia than -12.0 D.
  • +6.0 D of hypermetropia
  • Astigmatism -/+ of 6.0 D
  • Not having vascular or immunodeficiency disease
  • In the brow or nasal passage, there is no significant obstruction.


What is Contoura Vision Eye Surgery?

Contoura Vision surgery is the most recent kind of Lasik, which has transformed the field of laser vision correction. It requires photographing 22000 data points on each cornea using a sophisticated computer system to precisely tailor the corneal correction.

With what Contoura Vision working?

The Contoura vision is working with Wavelight.

Is Contoura Vision available in Gurgaon?

The answer is yes, among very few places in India, Gurgaon is very pleased to give the Contoura vision services to the patients. 

Will my insurance cover Contoura Vision in Gurgaon?

The residents of Gurgaon should claim insurance coverage for such surgery, it’s better to get costly support from government sources.

How long the surgery process takes in Gurgaon?

If you are looking for an answer from the beginning, then first you need to book an appointment with our highly recommended eye specialist, after a surgery date will be given, and during surgery, it is about a 1-hour matter of time for both eyes.

Will I have to go through serious pain during the surgery?

Actually, the Contoura vision eye surgery is totally painless, during the surgery it will be like an imaging process.

How long the surgery process takes?

20 minutes for each eye is needed for Contoura vision surgery. The machine will record and find out the errors to solve.

What is the recovery time?

It will take around 3 months to recover the see the improvements in your eye’s vision.

Is Contoura vision surgery temporary?

The most frequently asked question, the doubt about longevity makes people think. But the truth is the process to not temporary, rather it is to support for good.

How long should you rest after having Contoura eye laser treatment?

It is highly recommended to give rest to your precious eyes for about 48 hours after your treatment.

What “safety first” rules to follow?

Try to be hydrated, wear comfortable dresses, higher a family member as your strength while going to the hospital for surgery.  Read and re-read the papers before signing related to your surgery.

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