Bladeless Lasik Surgery in Delhi

Vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness result from refractive errors affecting your vision quality. But Bladeless Lasik Surgery in Delhi will correct the refractive errors, restoring your vision quality. Here you will find out how bladeless LASIK could restore your vision quality.

Why is Bladeless Lasik Surgery in Delhi Done?

Visual Aids Centre performs this surgery to correct the refraction in your cornea. As a result, this procedure corrects the refraction error in your cornea to restore your vision quality. Usually, the cornea focuses light on your retina.

But sometimes, light from an object you’re looking at might not focus as it should if your cornea has a refraction error. When this happens, you may develop one of three vision problems:

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness)

This vision condition allows you only to see closer objects. However, further objects will appear blurry.

  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

This vision condition allows you to see further objects. But it makes objects closer to you appear blurry.

  • Astigmatism

When you have this vision problem, everything you look at appears blurry. This vision condition may result based on how your eyes shape.


How Bladeless Lasik Surgery in Delhi Restores Your Vision?

When correcting your vision using Bladeless Lasik Surgery in Delhi, our procedure uses a femtosecond laser to cut a flap in front of your cornea. We lift the flap then we use a laser to reshape the tissue exposed after the cut flap to correct the refractive error.

We set the cornea flap back, and you will have a corrected vision. After bladeless LASIK surgery, your cornea will focus light on the retina at the back of your eyes. And this will correct your vision problem.


Who Qualifies for a Bladeless Lasik Surgery?

Bladeless Lasik surgery is an option for correcting refractive errors in your cornea. But you will have to meet some conditions to benefit from this surgical procedure. First, only a person at least 18 years old may undergo this bladeless procedure.

And for female patients, pregnancy or nursing a baby may disqualify you from bladeless Lasik surgery in Delhi. Additionally, you may not qualify if you’re under certain medication, such as Bystolic, which treats high blood pressure.

If you have also had vision prescription changes recently, you may not undergo this surgical procedure. Also, having uneven cornea will result in treatment for your refractive errors through other medical procedures.

Some eye conditions, notable glaucoma, will disqualify you from this medical surgery. Additionally, dry eyes may also result in exploring other surgical options. At the same time, health issues like lupus, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis could lead to more complications hence the need to avoid this bladeless Lasik.


What Benefits Does Bladeless Lasik Surgery Have?

Visual Aids Centre has performed over 100,000 bladeless Lasik surgeries in the past 25 years. Even more impressive, over 95% of our patients achieve excellent vision sooner after this procedure. That means you can proceed with your life after a short while.

Studies have also shown that bladeless Lasik surgery produces clearer vision compared with traditional Lasik. Bladeless Lasik owes this impressive feat to its femtosecond laser, which cuts the cornea flap more precisely.

The procedure is painless for the most part. But some patients report experiencing very little pain. Unlike medical procedures that require a bandage after that, bladeless Lasik doesn’t require even stitches.

And if your vision quality changes with age, we can correct it as need dictates. You will then not require glasses or contact lenses after this procedure.

The eye usually heals faster, and surgical complications are extremely rare. Therefore, you can trust bladeless Lasik surgery to be safe. But this is only possible if you consult a highly accredited centre like Visual Aids Centre in Delhi.


Conditions You Have to Meet to Undergo This Medical Procedure

Once you’ve met the conditions described above, we will assess your cornea to ensure it’s even and thick enough. Your cornea should be at least 500 microns thick and in excellent health. Also, we will assess your eye pressure.

Your eye pressure should range from 8 to 21; you can expect your pressure to vary depending on the time of the day. If your pressure is out of range, we will do more eye tests to assess your suitability for Lasik eye surgery.


Does Bladeless Lasik Surgery Have Side Effects?

Before performing the bladeless Lasik procedure, we administer special eye drops to numb your eyes. Also, we could use a mild sedative to make you comfortable. Then we will perform this medical procedure. But you may experience some side effects after your bladeless Lasik surgery.

You may see halos when looking at objects and have a fluctuating vision. Since the femtosecond laser creates a cornea flap and another laser corrects the refractive error, your eyes will have bruising, and you will feel small bruises.

As a result of the small bruises, you might develop scratchy eyes. Glares are also common side effects, especially with the corrected cornea. In addition to glares, your eyes might not see well at night, which could impact your nighttime driving.

Daytime light may also cause light sensitivity, and your eyes may be dry. But since the recovery time is significantly short, you will not have these side effects for extended periods. You will recover fully from this procedure after 3 months, although some patients take less time.


How Visual Aids Centre Will Minimize the Side Effects

Your doctor will prescribe and administer eye drops to prevent inflammation. But more importantly, the prescribed medication will prevent infection. Since your eyes may be dry, even though it might not feel like it, the eyedrops will also moisten them. Before using any eye drops, you want to consult with us first.



Visual Aids Centre is an accredited healthcare provider performing Bladeless Lasik Surgery in Delhi. If anyone you know has vision problems such as Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism, you can contact us for medical assistance.

We have doctors specializing in eye surgery to correct refractive errors leading to poor vision. We will assess your condition to ensure you’re an ideal candidate for this surgery. Even if your health condition doesn’t qualify you as a bladeless Lasik surgery candidate, we will be sure to explore other options with you.

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